Acceptance speech for the Remy Johnston Award at the International Dyslexia Association Conference in Orlando, Florida (October 27, 2016)


In this 10-minute talk, Aidan tells a community of business leaders in Bermuda his story and the importance of investing in The Reading Clinic, the only place dyslexic kids in Bermuda can learn how to read.


In this 9-minute talk, Aidan tells 300 students in Bermuda about the importance of heroes.

In this eight-minute talk, Aidan tells his story to directors of the state chapters of the International Dyslexia Association at the International Dyslexia Association Conference.


In this ten-minute talk at the North Carolina conference of the IDA, Aidan tells his story.


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  • "Don't let what you can't do in life stop you from what you can do."
    - John Wooden

    "I never felt like a victim. In light of feeling like an outsider, movies made me feel inside my own skill set."
    - Steven Spielberg

    "I believe that the reason I've been able to discover things that my very intelligent colleagues couldn't is because of my dyslexia. I look at things from a different perspective."
    - Dr. R. Wyatt

    "I was getting all F's, maybe an occasional D, but I had a grandmother, who was telling me that I was special. I thought, 'Does she not see this report card?' She just said, 'You're going to find your way through this. Think big, be big,' "
    - Brian Grazer

    "Life is full of challenges. How you handle them is what builds character."
    - Erin Brockavich
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