Here are photos from just some of Aidan’s presentations about the book and project.

Aidan with Jay Leno (April 2016)

Aidan gives Keynote at NC IDA Conference (September 2016)


Aidan’s acceptance speech at International Dyslexia Conference (October 2016)


Aidan at So & So Books (November 2016)


Aidan’s interview with Learning Ally (January 2017)


Aidan gives keynote at Key School Conference (March 2017)


Aidan speaks and signs books at Carolina Day School


Aidan speaking with students in Greenville, SC (March 2017)


Aidan gives opening talk at Southern IDA Conference (April 2017)


Aidan speaks with kids in Bermuda (May 2017)


Aidan tries to relax before taking stage at a fundraiser for dyslexia in Bermuda (May 2017)

At the Chelston in Bermuda (May 2017)

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  • "Don't let what you can't do in life stop you from what you can do."
    - John Wooden

    "I never felt like a victim. In light of feeling like an outsider, movies made me feel inside my own skill set."
    - Steven Spielberg

    "I believe that the reason I've been able to discover things that my very intelligent colleagues couldn't is because of my dyslexia. I look at things from a different perspective."
    - Dr. R. Wyatt

    "I was getting all F's, maybe an occasional D, but I had a grandmother, who was telling me that I was special. I thought, 'Does she not see this report card?' She just said, 'You're going to find your way through this. Think big, be big,' "
    - Brian Grazer

    "Life is full of challenges. How you handle them is what builds character."
    - Erin Brockavich
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